Public Procurement

AZULCHIP presents the GesConcursos Platform, an advanced public procurement support platform designed to optimise and integrate the entire public procurement process in accordance with the Public Contracts Law (Law no. 40/20 of 23 December). This IT solution stands out for its robustness and intuitive user interfaces, accompanying all stages of the public procurement cycle, from authorising expenditure to, when necessary, obtaining the approval of the Court of Auditors.

Accessible via web browser, GesConcursos is fully compatible with the most popular browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, among others) and integrates easily with various existing document management tools. The development of GesConcursos considered the variety of participants in public procurement processes, offering a range of functionalities that contribute to efficiency and continuous improvement at every stage of the tendering procedure.

With the GesConcursos platform, AZULCHIP provides public organisations with transparent, agile tender management in line with the sector's best practices and regulations, thus ensuring excellence and integrity in procurement processes.