Business intelligence

Business Intelligence in the Digital Age

"Business Intelligence" (BI) is the process that compiles, analyses and converts raw data into relevant information for business strategies, supporting more informed decision-making. With technological advances, AZULCHIP defines contemporary BI as characterised by:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: Using advanced algorithms to predict trends and behaviour, automating and improving data analysis;

2. Data Visualisation: Using interactive tools to create graphical representations of data, making interpretation more accessible and intuitive;

3. Self-service BI: Ability to allow users without technical expertise to create reports and conduct independent analyses;

4. Big Data: Integration and processing of large volumes of data from different sources, allowing for deeper analyses and more comprehensive insights;

5. Mobility: Access to BI platforms via mobile devices, providing flexibility and agility in managing information from anywhere;

6. Collaboration: Facilitating the sharing of insights and reports between teams, promoting collaboration and better strategic alignment;

7. Data integration: Ability to unify data from different sources, both internal and external, for a consolidated view of the business;

8. Information Security: Implementation of robust security protocols to protect the data analysed and generated by BI tools.