Document management and optimisation

Excellence in Document Management by AZULCHIP

AZULCHIP is a pioneer in the intersection between the digital and physical worlds, specialising in document and archive management as a vital core for effective digital transformation, focused on the preservation and ready availability of institutional knowledge.

Our document management services include:

1. Specialised consultancy: We provide specialised assistance for the development and improvement of archival infrastructures, including detailed analysis of collections, structuring and implementation of classification plans, restructuring of processes and efficient management of active, semi-active and permanent archives. We design and implement integrated systems for electronic document management and workflow automation;

2. Archive management: We manage document logistics with precision, including the collection, transport and cataloguing of documents, ensuring a codified system for managing access and queries;

3. Processing and workflow: We carry out document processing procedures, from sanitisation and sorting to archive conservation, automated data capture and manual insertion into secure databases, as well as offering certified destruction and advanced digitisation services;

AZULCHIP is committed to excellence in document management, guaranteeing our clients optimised and integrated information management.