Organisational Strategy

Strategic Corporate Architecture

Our strategic methodology starts with an exhaustive analysis of the business landscape, including a competitive study, a meticulous assessment of the organisation's resources and skills, the identification of opportunities and challenges, the stipulation of clear goals and the drafting of a complete roadmap for action.

In synergy with the organisation's management, we apply proven practices and advanced strategic resources to design a tailor-made strategy that respects the institution's vision and principles. Our consultative expertise translates into practical recommendations and a robust strategic guideline, catalysing our partners' progress and success.

Strategic Information Systems Architecture

At AzulChip, the Information Systems Strategy is the foundation for ensuring fine tuning between business operations and technological advances, providing a solid basis for the development of the Strategic Information Systems Plan (PESI). We begin the process by mapping out the strategic challenges, establishing specific goals for the IT area, which are implemented through actions and initiatives focussed on thematic areas of action.

Our PESI creative process involves: