cadastro e biometria


AZULCHIP solution for registry and biometrics is adaptable to large sized organizations, being suitable to ensure an increased accuracy of databases, to prevent fraud and error situations, and to ensure the robustness of any registry system in which is necessary to ensure formal communication with multiple beneficiaries or service users.

AZULCHIP makes available a solution composed by three essential elements: registry system, an mechanographic information collection tools suite, and an integrated operational management system.

  • Registry System: output from existing databases concatenation and inputs springing from collection and registry of new informations, it is the work base for any operational management system and the pillar of staff management;

  • Information Collection Tools:
  • Proof-of-life: individual existence material evidence, with biometric data collection, to prevent fraud situations linked to staff duplication, as well as fictional staff;
  • Individual Detailed Registry: with personal data, biometrics, education, professionals and performance;
  • Biometric Unit Kit: biometric data reader, photographic kit with lighting, signature digitalization kit and laptops with registry software installed.
  • Operational Management System: centralizes collected data, includes various resource management functionalities, ensures accessibility of information to users. It is composed by a statistics area, allowing a macro visualization of key indicators in dashboards.