sistemas de informacao


AZULCHIP brings together highly skilled human resources, and strands for a constellation of reference platforms in the market, enabling it to offer a wide range of solutions for information systems development, namely multiplatform solutions, oriented to information management and digital communication.

We work with some of the more robust frameworks in the market, namely Microsoft, Outsystems and Quidgest, which enable us to customize and continuously improve solutions for each customer, according to each organization needs, as well as design and tailor-made development, from scratch. We also develop a wide suite of mobile services applications, suiting all sorts of mobile devices and allowing a continuous interconnection with core systems.

A AZULCHIP also develops an approach to application maintenance that provides a 360 degree vision on the reality of each client assessing modernization needs, supporting the extension of duration of each system ensuring operational support and ensuring soft transitions between systems, as well as support to back up and disaster recovery policies.